Better Periods. Period.


 We make expertly engineered supplements to end menstrual misery.

We built the perfect supplement blends for PMS and cramping, because you deserve to be your best, every day of the month.


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Designed perfectly for your period.
Made The Right Way — By Women, For women.

 Strong & Effective
 Vegetarian Formulations
 Made in the USA

Pain and PMS Relief
in Your Purse.

Because your period is happening, like, now,
not whenever you finish that TPS report.


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What's got you down?
Try Unwind for PMS, or Relieve for Cramps.


Our liquid supplements are easy to take, just start when your symptoms start.


Symptom relief kicks in quick. Best results in just three cycles.

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I used to dread my period. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t sleep, and didn’t feel like myself. I called in sick to work when I couldn’t get out of bed with cramps. Viv has changed all that. Viv not only changed my period, it changed my quality of life.
— Megan N., Research Analyst, Brass Animal Collector

The pain I experienced before Viv was excruciating, to say the least. I was completely shocked by how much relief I got, even after the first month. Viv gave me my life back, and it allows me to be the mom my kids deserve.
— Tiffany P., Business Owner, Hula Hoop Extraordinaire

What is this magic?



Check out the research for yourself to see how natural period relief is possible. 

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Change the way you surf the crimson wave.

Work or workout, TED Talk or Presidential debate,
life doesn't wait for your period.

Viv can help make sure you're at your best.